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About Us
    Guangzhou Bairun Express Logistics Co., Ltd. has a excellent service team with more than 10 years industry related experience, with the geographic advantages which is located in Guangzhou Free Trade Zone and Guangzhou Bonded Logistics Park, and play to the professional customs inspection as the core to fully launch  port services of sea freight import and export, ground services of air freight import and export, bulk cargo carpool services between Guangzhou and HongKong, bonded logistics severals, import and export agent services, domestic warehousing and distribution services, wine supply chain services in the Guangzhou.
    To meet the customer's distribution needs, we have obtained  "road transport permits", and now owns several tractor trucks and several vans. In order to provide professional warehousing services in Guangzhou Bonded Logistics Park, with 5500 square meters of bonded warehouse logistics park in Guangzhou Free Trade Zone, with more than 3000 square meters of bonded warehouses; in the Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, with more than 3000 square meters of common warehouses; in Guangzhou Development Zone, bonded cargo inspection field inspection station has 240 square meters of the customs supervision warehouse; we established a close partnership with the Hong Kong Century Express Logistics Co., Ltd. , in Hong Kong, Yuen Long there is 6000 square meters of warehouse available including 5,000 square meters constant temperture warehouse and 1,000 square meters common warehouse ; in Hong Kong Tsuen Wan there is 1,000 square meters constant temperature warehouse available.
    With the company's business development, we now have three wholly owned subsidiaries (Guangzhou Bairun Express Storage Service Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Bairun Express Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., Dongguan Bairun Express Logistics Co., Ltd.) and a branch (in Guangzhou Bairun Expresss Logistics Co., Ltd. Dongguan Branch).
    In line with the company in Dongguan's development, we set up two companies, namely, Guangzhou Bairun Express Logistics Dongguan Branch (declaration enterprises) and Dongguan Bairun Express Logistics (logistics companies)  bonded logistics center in Dongguan. Rely on the geographical advantages which located in Dongguan bonded logistic center, with plantiful experiance that Bairun Express launch logistics business in Guangzhou Bonded Logistics Park, offer bonded storage, customs agents inspection, logistics and distribution services in Dongguan .
    Our Bairun people upholding  the "customer-oriented goods such as Jane cherish" concept, constant innovation, to provide our customers more comprehensive and professional logistics services.
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