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Regulate the import of wine on the issues
To further standardize the wine (2010, "The Peoples Republic of China Import and Export Tariff" tariff codes 22042100), the import declaration, to facilitate customs clearance and customs management business, according to "Customs import and export goods declaration" (The General Administration of Customs No. 103) and other relevant provisions of the relevant matters are announced as follows: 
        First, the consignee of imported goods and their agents should be strictly in accordance with the "Customs Import and Export directory specification to declare" the requirements for filing, and should be based on actual import wine wine labels, in the "Name" column complete name, brand (in foreign language), such as "red wine, Cross Mouton castle CHATEAU CROIX MOUTON"; in the "standard model" section of the complete wine container volume, year and producing areas, such as "bottled 750ML, 2004, the Bordeaux" If the alcohol level is indicated on the standard (such as AOC, VDQS, VIN DE PAYS, etc.), should be reported in this column. 
        Second, the consignee of imported goods and their agents to declare the import customs regulations other than by the current requirement to submit the documents and information should be submitted to the Department the following information: 
       (A) of the complete content, the text clearly marked on wine imports (including being marked, the back standard) color photographs or electronic photographs (not less than 3 million pixels) color prints. 
       (B) of the original vendor invoices. For imported by foreign traders can not submit the original vendor invoices, the consignee and their agents to declare imported goods imports should be submitted by the foreign traders and issued the commercial invoice, the invoice should include the manufacturers name and the original vendor invoice number . 
      Third, for failure to submit the above information, the Customs in accordance with relevant stipulations; to declare the contents of the declarations are not consistent with the wine labels, the customs declaration will not really deal with. 
      Fourth, the announcement from April 1, 2010 shall come into force. 
It is hereby announced.
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