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Warmly celebrate the successful in trial operation of Dongguan Bairun Express Logistics Co., Ltd.

       Dongguan Bonded Logistics Center is located in Xidatan Logistics Park, Shatin, Dongguan City,  the core logistics project of Dongguan City and also the key construction projects of Guangdong province with a total planned area of 1.18 square kilometers, only through "tax rebate immediately when get into the logistics park" to resolve the business issue of "Overseas One Day Tour " can save 1 billion yuan per year for Dongguan enterprises . Dongguan Bonded logistics center (Type B) on May 11, 2010 officially operation.
      July 2010, Dongguan Bairun Express Logistics officially stationed in Dongguan Bonded Logistics
Center and succeed in trial operation, representing the Bairun Express formally started the development in Dongguan region . Provides a better choice in the declaration, inspection, logistics and distribution business to our customers in Dongguan region. Dongguan Bairun Express Logistics is one of the first batch enterprises which registered via the Customs that get into the Bonded Logistics Center , the parent company is Guangzhou Bairun Express Logistics. Dongguan Bairun Express Logistics Limited has an excellent and professional services team which is composition by senior staff that directly deployed by the Guangzhou Bairun Express Logistics , with plentiful business experience in practical bonded logistics park's operation. Upholding Bairun Express person's philosophy : "Respect customer and treat their goods as Jewelery", Dongguan Bairun Express will keep on extension and innovation for bringing a more comprehensive and more professional logistics services to our customers. We can provide : 1. As soon as goods get into the area, at the same time you can apply for the export tax rebate , 2. When goods out of the bonded logistics center it is imported, 3. Goods can transfer between bonded logistics center and other bonded areas , 4. Goods can transfer from front line Authority Area to Bonded logistics center ,  5. Logistics Center transit departure, 6. Logistics center Direct transfer to Hong Kong to export , 7. Logistics center import pay tax online, 8. Pre-declaration before get into the logistics center , 9. logistics center warehousing, packaging, the above operation can be pre-declaration in advance for one day, under normal circumstances , after arrived, the vehicle can left the district within three hours.
        Welcome customers to consult with business via telephone. Address:  Gangkou Road (Sha Tin)
Dongguan City Humen Port Central Service Area , Bonded Building , Room 406 , Tel :0769 -82795662, fax :0769-82795577. Zip Code: 523990.

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