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Bonded Logistics Park business

"Bonded Logistics Park" service :

       Free Trade Zone and Bonded Logistics Park is the highest level of the opening up  economic area , with independent planning , policy and operation . December 26 , 2008 official launch the sealed off trial operation of the Guangzhou Bonded Logistics Park , for the opening of this business , will completely replace the previously existing     " outside day tour " phenomenon . When goods of domestic enterprises get into the park is regarded as export , you can apply for a tax rebate , the processing of carry-over and domestic re-importing can be completed  in the park. Goods implementation single declaration , inspection and released as fast clearance , and also can free circulate in this region , does not levy value-added tax and consumption tax . Bairun Express is a company that register in the logistics park that both have  free trade zone and bonded logistics park license management manual  records , which can provide customers with the free trade zone and bonded logistics park's logistics services .

business advantages: 

       First . Equipped with more than 5.5 thousand square meters of multi on Bonded Logistics Park warehouse  ( including  single floor warehouse on the ground, multilayer composite multi function warehouse,Thermostatic warehouse, etc. ) ; Second. Equipped with professional "Bonded  Logistics Park warehouse management system" software ; Third. Configuration directly to the customs, inspection and quarantine declaration " Chinese electronic customs system , Ninetowns inspection system " ;  Fourth.  Clearance site set up a " Ministry of site clearance services".  Fifth . Warehouse has 24-hour security system and real-time monitoring, to ensure the safety of the goods ;  Sixth . To provide " turn off at  Guangzhou airport, import and export  between Mainland and Hong Kong, transit remote customs zone" multi-channel interaction services .

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