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Customs Clearance Agents

"Customs Clearance Agents" is a Bairun Express’ core business has always attached great importance, in the Customs inspection personnel selection, training and resources dedicated to the great deal of work, create an excellent team of customs inspection. With the continued development of regional logistics services, Bairun Express worked in Guangzhou Free Trade Zone, Guangzhou Airport, Dongguan Customs Clearance Services, set the scene, immediately following the on-site customs office, fast customs inspection.
1. Service Port: Huangpu Division pier set, Guangzhou and Hong Kong Ferry Pier,  
Pier PAT Whampoa Guangzhou, Guangzhou Development Zone, parking lots, Baiyun International Airport;
2. Description of goods pre-classified service;
3. Professional customs declaration, inspection lose a single service;
4. Professional on-site single service delivery and communication services;
5. Professional on-site inspection services.

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